New Volumizing Shampoo Formula Just V = L x W x H 

Wow, how did we not think of this before? After years of searching for the perfect shampoo formula to promote thicker, stronger, voluminous hair, we came to the realization that the answer has been hiding in plain sight this whole time! Now we finally know that, to achieve the big, bold hair of our dreams, we just have to use the shampoo formula: volume = length x width x height. 

The answer is genius, yet simple. Dating back to Ancient Greece, this formula is sure to maximize the volume of your lovely locks by multiplying the length of each strand of hair by its width and its height. No wonder those Grecian heroes were always looking so sexy with their full heads of hair! 

That’s right: the secret to revitalizing your hair routine is just three easy steps that can be done at home! No more lathering with damaging soaps and chemicals that are sure to leave your curls looking thin and lifeless. Unlike most volumizing care products, this formula is all natural. Thank you, Archimedes! 

Plus, according to beauticians and mathematicians alike, a similar formula can be used on your eyelashes for that perfect, full-bodied look. In order to keep the tips of your lashes looking nice and pointy, we recommend using V = πr2h.

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