We Fed Our Dog A Vegan Diet And It Lived For An Entire Month!

Anyone who claims that dogs can’t go vegan clearly just isn’t listening to the science. We fed our dog a vegan diet, and it lived for an entire month!

For the final 30 days of Bandit’s life, he was on a completely plant-based diet and didn’t complain once. He spent his last month caring about both the environment and other animals like himself.

While one month may not seem like much time, think about it this way — that’s a whole seven months in dog years!

We’re asking you to come to Bandit’s funeral on Wednesday so that we can celebrate the life of a brave pooch who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in — that all of God’s creatures have a right to life and freedom!

Bandit’s vegan demise was the happiest period of his life. Instead of Milk-Bones and rawhide, Bandit was finally able to enjoy raw carrots and celery! While his body became weaker and weaker by the day, his spirit and belief in the cause only grew stronger and stronger.

Please join us this Wednesday as Bandit crosses the Rainbow Bridge, where he’ll be able to eat an unlimited supply of his favorite foods: raw oats and romaine lettuce heads.

Only the rarest animals have enough courage to stand up for the change they want to see in the world. Bandit was a special dog who was firm in his values and hated the meat industry more than anyone.

As we honor Bandit’s life on Wednesday, we ask you to stop feeding your pets non-vegan products. While the final period of their lives will be short, it will also be fulfilling and noble.

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