5 Reasons We Love Almond Breeze And Also Our Sponsorship Deal With Blue Diamond

Craving a plant-based milk substitute that’s just as tasty as the real thing? Look no further than Almond Breeze, a beverage created by the great Blue Diamond, which also happens to be one of our most generous sponsors. Whether you’re enjoying their tasty drink in cereal, smoothies, or straight from the carton, Blue Diamond is giving us real money every time we say “Almond Breeze,” “Blue Diamond,” or “Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.” Here are 5 reasons we love Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and all the money that comes from our deal with Blue Diamond, creator of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze!

1. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Tastes Great And The Extra Cash Isn’t Bad Either

If you’re cutting dairy out of your diet, there’s no reason to miss cow’s milk. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze tastes just as good, and the few extra cents we get every time we mention their name helps us pay for our web hosting! DreamHost unfortunately just hiked up their prices, so stay tuned for some more refreshing and delicious content about Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Blue Diamond Almond Breeze)!

2. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Is Great For The Planet And Their Generous Sponsorship Funds Our Gambling Addiction

The mass-production of regular cow’s milk is only made possible because of egregious factory farming that’s terrible for the environment. You know that carton of 2% Dairy Pure that’s been sitting in your fridge? It’s destroying the environment, just like our gambling addiction destroyed our bank account from 2014 all the way until last month, when Blue Diamond finally gave us this sweet sponsorship deal to help stay afloat. Now, if we leave work at 5 pm sharp, we can drive four hours to the casino and make it by 9, and even if we lose ten hands in a row, Blue Diamond is thankfully pumping a little bit of extra cash into this website so that it can survive even though we blew almost everything last week on that bottle of champagne after the roulette wheel finally landed on double zero.

3. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Is A Great Source Of Calcium And Also A Great Source Of Rent Money

Worried giving up real dairy will leave you in a calcium deficit? No need to fear! Blue Diamond Almond Breeze will fortify your bones, just as it fortifies our wallet with a meager amount of money that helps us sometimes pay our rent on time. Blue Diamond may not give us much, but every penny counts! We’d like to emphasize that we’re extremely thankful for every last cent coming from our partnership with Blue Diamond, especially as we might soon be able to afford heating if we write a few more of these.

4. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Is Great For People Who Are Lactose Intolerant And Helps Us Feed Our Hungry Family

If you’ve always loved the taste of milk but hated how it makes your body feel, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is perfect for you. It has all the flavor and nutritional benefits of milk without containing lactose or coming from an innocent animal. Unfortunately, we have only been able to taste Blue Diamond Almond Milk once in our life because such unparalleled flavor and nutrition comes with a price tag that we just can’t justify. Luckily, though, that hefty price tag allows Blue Diamond to partner with humble websites like ourself and put food on the table. While we can’t afford Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, we find that regular cow’s milk has a similar flavor and sometimes opt for that instead.

5. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Is Low In Sugar And The Nice People At Blue Diamond Just Told Us That If This Article Gets Over 5,000 Views, They Will Give Us A Coupon For Half Off Appetizers At Friday’s

Look, it’s been a tough week. If we’re being honest, it’s been a tough couple years. We’re really just asking you to share this article with your friends. You don’t even need to hit the share button on Facebook, you can just send it to a family member or two and then maybe they’ll see it? We just need to hit that 5,000 figure; it doesn’t matter how we do it. Maybe you could even log in on an incognito browser so it might count as two views? It’s just been a while since we’ve been able to eat anywhere like Friday’s, and this would really mean a lot to us. It means we can order double the amount of apps we would normally order, while paying a price that would reflect only 50% that amount of food! It’ll make our kids so happy to see that many mozzarella sticks on one table. Maybe you could retweet if we post this article on Twitter? And you can tell your followers that they don’t actually need to read it, they can just click. It would mean the world to us. And also Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is low in sugar.

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