Horrifying: These GMO Scientists Have Created Boneless Carrots

Has science finally gone too far? These GMO scientists have played God and freakishly developed a boneless carrot.

Oh, the horror! The human race is bound to meet its downfall if we keep changing such fundamental laws of nature. Besides, who would even want to eat a carrot without its thick, signature bone that runs from stem to tip? Everyone knows that the best part of eating a carrot is nibbling around the bone and sucking out the marrow!

Do you really want to eat a science project in your salad? It’s impossible to predict the negative effects that consuming such an abomination could have on our bodies. It could be radioactive!

Mankind wasn’t supposed to have such power over our produce. It starts with modifying a vegetable, but imagine the next step these monsters will take. Soon, we’ll be changing the genes of human babies!

This latest disgrace is just another reminder that we should all be eating organic, non-GMO produce so we don’t contaminate our bodies with harmful lab-grown diseases.

The scientists responsible for this should be locked up! Not only are they creating something that will obviously give us all cancer, but they’re robbing us of the tastiest part of the carrot. Are baby carrot buffalo wings a thing of the past?

What next? Potatoes without full heads of hair? Someone arrest these modern-day Dr. Frankensteins before they change our very way of life forever!

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