4 Pictures Of Fruit Because There’s No Way We’re Gonna Show A Vagina

Wanna see a picture of a vagina? Well, too bad. There’s no way we’d ever show a vagina. Like really? You expect to see a picture of a vagina in an article about women’s health? Fat chance — that would be completely inappropriate. What if a curious child happened to peer over your shoulder at the precise moment that the image loaded? They’d probably be scarred for life or something. That’s a risk we’re just not willing to take.

But don’t worry; we’re not gonna make you walk away empty-handed. In order to allow you to at least picture what it would’ve been like to see a vagina in this article, here are four images of fruits that have been cut in half. Enjoy!

If you liked this article, keep an eye out for our next one: “25 Pictures Of Fully Erect Penises!” 

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