Daily Supplement Just An Excuse To Eat Candy

Sources close to the matter are confirming that area man Graham Sutherland only takes his daily turmeric supplement as an excuse to eat candy.

“I take my turmeric supplement to reduce inflammation,” said Sutherland, who really takes the supplement because it’s so similar to an M&M.

Although the directions instruct the user to consume only one serving per day, Sutherland usually ends up eating four or five.

“I’ve been feeling way better ever since I started taking it,” Sutherland continued, happy to have his daily sugar fix. “The difference is striking.”

While Sutherland no longer consumes traditional M&Ms due to their high calorie and sugar content, the turmeric supplements he swears by have almost identical ingredients, plus turmeric.

After enjoying the daily supplement so much, Sutherland has recently started taking daily multivitamin gummies. Witnesses have confirmed that Sutherland finished his first entire bottle in only four days.

“Do you have any recommendations for vitamin-C supplements?” asked Sutherland to a friend, looking for the vehicle of vitamin-C that most resembles orange soda.

A recent report shows that Sutherland eats six daily supplements, all of which resemble items commonly found in candy stores.

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