Exclusive: Elastigirl Gets Honest About Her Stretch Marks

This past Thursday, superhero and Incredibles 2 star Helen Parr gave an exclusive interview about the stretch marks she’s developed as a result of her body-bending powers.

“Unlike most people, I’ve had stretch marks ever since I was a kid,” said Parr, also known as Elastigirl. “I first developed my powers when I was just a toddler, so I’ve had to deal with unflattering lines on my body ever since.”

According to Parr, being the only kid in her elementary school with stretch marks wasn’t easy.

“It didn’t feel good to be changing for gym class in the sixth grade and have stretch marks as bad as the Octomom.”

“But while I’ve basically gotten used to lines and folds in my skin at this point, they definitely became way worse when I first got pregnant,” said Parr.

“You know, I think my real superpower is being a mother,” she continued. “It takes some training to fight supervillains like Syndrome and Screenslaver, but parenting kids like Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack? That’s the real ‘heavy lifting,’ as Bob would say.”

Elastigirl also recalled some of the stunts she’s performed over the years that have given her the worst stretch marks, including when she morphed her body into a boat to save Violet, Dash, and herself after plummeting from an airplane.

“This one time back in 2018, I turned my body into a parachute so that I could attach to this uncontrolled train and stop it from speeding off the rails,” said Parr. “I cried for the next two weeks about how disgusting I thought my body looked.”

“I’ve realized that it’s all about staying positive and remembering that stretch marks are a sign of change — and change is good,” said Elastigirl. “It also helps to have great friends like Edna, who always designs me outfits that showcase my skin in the most positive way possible.”

Stay tuned for our next interview with Violet Beaurgearde, who will be discussing her lifetime of body dysmorphia ever since she was turned into a giant blueberry as a child.

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