Fair Enough: This 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Just Recommends Being Korean

Yup, that sounds about right. Predictable, even.

According to instructions, the toners and oil cleansers in this 10-step Korean skincare routine are rendered completely useless if the base requirement of their user being Korean is not met. Fair enough!

“Step One: Be of Korean ethnic origin,” read the painfully-honest beauty regimen’s instructions, to the dismay of millions of non-Korean pizza-faces seeking treatment for their abominable skin.

Point taken. Who are we to say anything about this? Totally fine with us.

Okay, we’ll admit this is a crushing caveat for those with terrible acne but no ancestral ties to the Korean peninsula. But let’s be real: it’s hard to act particularly surprised that being Korean is a key ingredient in achieving “Korean skin.” Of course it is! It’s entirely reasonable. We honestly can’t say we’re shocked by this one.

Lighten up a bit — it’s not a completely inappropriate requirement. I mean, it’s their thing, after all.

We wish there was something more we could tell you, but we don’t make the rules here. To be frank, we see where they’re coming from.

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