No Fair! This Woman Lost 60 Pounds After Being Stuck On A Desert Island For 2 Years

The old adage is true: life isn’t fair. Want proof? Just take a look at Miranda Holzbein. While the rest of us slave away on the treadmill day in and day out in the hopes of losing a measly pound or two, Holzbein won the weight loss lottery by getting herself stranded on a desert island for the past two years and dropping a whole 60 pounds! 

Clearly fortune smiled upon Holzbein, who, after surviving an airplane crash that left the 437 other passengers dead, found herself on a remote desert island that many would describe as their dream home gym. Miles and miles of scorching hot sand that forces you to run so as not to burn your feet, as well as 70-foot palm trees that you have to climb in order to escape the local crocodile population, are ideal exercise conditions that many of us would give our right arms for. (Not unlike Holzbein, who technically did lose her right arm in the crash. We’ll give you that, Miranda!)

Not to mention, while most of us everyday dieters must resist the constant temptation to snack on cookies, cake, and ice cream, Holzbein didn’t even have to summon that willpower. Instead, she was surrounded by the most nutritious array of edible insects and digestible grasses that, let’s be honest, would cause even the least-disciplined dieters to lose 60 pounds if that’s all they had to eat. No, the only willpower Holzbein had to summon was the willpower to survive, which isn’t much considering we’re all technically alive right now. 

So next time you’re crossing out the days on your calendar waiting for your Weight Watchers program to end, try not to be too jealous of those living on easy street — people like Miranda Holzbein, who effortlessly burned thousands of calories chopping down wood for fires and carving out “HELP” messages in the sand. Unlike the rest of us, these people have the luxury of taking off two years from work to exercise 24/7 and wait around for the day the US Coast Guard eventually comes to pick them up and they can show off their dream bodies to the world.

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