Safety First: Peloton Just Released A New $300 Helmet

If you thought Peloton couldn’t get any better, think again! The geniuses over at everyone’s favorite fitness media company have just released a new must-have piece of exercise equipment. This new helmet, known as the Peloton Protect, will keep you safe on your stationary bike for only $300!

Don’t know what to buy your fellow fitness junkies this holiday season? Well, there’s nothing better than the gift of safety. With the Peloton Protect, you’ll no longer be taking a risk every time you climb on the bike for a virtual, motionless spin class.

“If you’d wear a helmet on a real bike, you should be wearing a helmet on your Peloton!” said Peloton instructor Jess Simms, during a class designed to promote the new piece of protective headwear.

That’s a great point! Since spin bikes are supposed to simulate real cycling, it only makes sense that we should be taking our safety just as seriously as we do when riding a bike that actually moves.

Think of all the hazards of riding an indoor, immobile bike! With Peloton’s new protective technology available, it would be plain irresponsible to continue riding without a helmet.

The risk of a Peloton-related head injury has been virtually reduced to zero!

What a thoughtful company. It’s so great to see a business that truly cares about its subscribers. Why else would Peloton be trying to protect our brains when riding a bike that is bolted to the floor?

The price might be a little steep for some, but would you rather pay $300 for a top-of-the-line piece of exercise equipment today, or cover the hospital bill tomorrow? For us, the choice is an easy one. The Peloton Protect is selling out quick, so make sure to put yourself on a waitlist ASAP.

We’ve heard that if you order today, they’ll throw in some kneepads!

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