Embarrassing: These Two Football Players Wore The Same Outfit To The Super Bowl

Talk about a fashion disaster! It looks like Tampa Buccaneers Tom Brady and Mike Evans wore the same exact outfit to Super Bowl LV.

Shouldn’t someone have told one of them to change? This is shaping up to be a PR nightmare for the Buccaneers. You’d think they would’ve coordinated their outfits better for an event as big as this one!

With their professional football salaries, don’t Tom Brady and Mike Evans have enough money to buy clothes that are different from each other? It looks like they don’t! Maybe we should start a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign to make sure they can afford new outfits for next year.

Boy, we sure hope that the rest of the Buccaneers don’t get confused by this mishap! How will they know who’s who? Not being sure if Brady or Evans has the ball could put the entire team at a major disadvantage.

Super Bowl wardrobe malfunctions usually take place during the halftime show, so this is certainly a change of pace. Hopefully our two favorite Buccs aren’t too embarrassed about their fashion snafu. We wouldn’t want the outcome of the game to be influenced by Brady and Evans being too sad to play — there isn’t even a full stadium of fans to cheer them up!

It now looks like millions of fans across the nation are wearing the same shirt as Brady and Evans in solidarity — an unprecedented call for the players to focus on the game instead of the fact that one of them stole the other’s outfit!

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