We Can’t Get Enough Of This All-Natural Valentine’s Day Delicacy

Looking for a Valentine’s Day treat that’s both more delicious and more natural than any candy or chocolate? Lucky for you, grocery stores and florists are currently chock-full of the tastiest, most nutritious seasonal treat around — roses.

After eating a whole bouquet of these, we can’t believe we ever opted for chocolates! At only 15 calories per flower, you can eat as many of these delectable blossoms as you want.

Honestly, we don’t understand why people don’t eat this nutritious snack year-round. The petals are packed with fiber, combined with a unique botanical flavor that’ll have you falling in love with every bite!

While chocolate only comes in white, milk, or dark varieties, roses are sold in every color of the rainbow! De-thorned stems are definitely our favorite, but thorny roses make for a nice change when we’re craving a fun and interesting sensation.

A bouquet of roses will also count as one of the five servings of veggies you need to eat in a day. Score!

Can’t think of a Valentine’s Day dish to cook for that special someone? Just toss these with some balsamic vinegar, and you’ll have a feast fit for a king.

Trust us, these are worth the cuts you might get on your tongue.

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