Science Denier To The End: It’s Been 72 Hours And Rush Limbaugh Isn’t Decomposing

This past week, conservative commentator and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh passed away after a decades-long career of popularizing a broad skepticism of science and promoting numerous conspiracy theories questioning climate change, evolution, and more. Although he may be gone now, the newly departed Limbaugh isn’t giving into science just yet: even after three days in the morgue, Rush still isn’t decomposing.

Talk about conviction!

Even experts don’t know what to think. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” attested mortician Paul Stein. “Rigor mortis should have set in within a few hours of his death, but his body is still as fleshy and pliable as it was when he was making fun of AIDS victims back in the late 80s.”

Now that’s what we call sticking it out to the bitter end — and beyond!

Though it’s easy to see how years of Limbaugh spreading fake news spawned a generation of hate, xenophobia, and science denial, researchers still can’t explain why his corpse maintains a healthy pallor, why his flesh refuses to rot, and why no matter how many times funeral home workers close his eyelids, they always open back up.

Classic Rush!

Just goes to show that the jury is still out on trusting science.

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