You Go Girl! This Woman Took The Stairs Instead Of The Elevator To Justify Her Large Lunch

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that we’ve definitely done this before. After going a little too hard on her chicken pasta on her lunch break, area woman Katie Beals showed some restraint worthy of all our respect by taking the stairs back up to her 4th-floor office instead of taking the elevator.

While taking the elevator would’ve been the much easier decision due to its speed and minimal required effort, Katie purposely went for the stairs knowing that she could probably burn a few calories on the way up. Way to go Katie!

Although it’s gonna take a lot more than a few sets of stairs to make up for those extra fork-fulls of pasta she pounded back in her moment of weakness, the fact Katie felt guilty enough to make herself do that is a big first step. 

Also, once you factor in the negative opportunity cost of not having taken the elevator, Katie’s choice to take the stairs becomes all the more worth it! 

Now, if Katie can only summon the willpower to jog home from work and stop by the gym on the way back, she’ll be halfway there in terms of making up for all those added calories!

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