Move Over, Goat Yoga: LA Fitness Has Released A Herd Of Cattle Onto The Gym Floor

It looks like goat yoga is a thing of the past! One LA Fitness in Washington D.C. has officially introduced “cattle workouts” by releasing an entire herd onto the gym floor.

So cute! We can’t think of a better workout buddy than over 35 full-sized cows. These guys can’t wait to run on the treadmill next to you and climb all over you while you’re in Child’s Pose!

According to gym patrons, the cows are mindlessly wandering around, bumping into both exercise machines and people. Adorable! Why listen to music when you can take off your headphones and have an unending chorus of heavenly mooing?

Lucky for us, LA Fitness has announced that the cows are here to stay. It looks like the gym floor is this herd’s new permanent home, so you’ll be able to work out alongside these benevolent bovine until your membership expires!

One caveat to the new announcement is that the LA Fitness will be closed from 2–3 every single day so that a cleanup crew can come through and clear the gym of waste. Cows being fed will rely entirely on the generosity of gym patrons, so make sure to grab a handful of your freshest grass before coming in for chest day.

If the new program goes well, LA Fitness will be releasing a corresponding herd of bulls onto the gym floor in order to observe mating season. We’ve heard some of these bulls are pretty jacked, so you might have some competition when you’re on the bench press!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get on over to LA Fitness ASAP to introduce yourself to your new best friends!

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