These New Low-Fat Girl Scout Cookies Contain 50% Less Girl Scout

The Girl Scouts are out peddling their famously delicious cookies on every corner and they’ve got some big news: thanks to a new recipe, the youth organization is now offering low-fat Girl Scout cookies that contain 50% less Girl Scout!

That’s right, you can now enjoy your favorite Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, and Peanut Butter Patties — all while resting easy knowing you’re only consuming half the Girl Scout you usually consume. That means you can eat twice the Girl Scout you usually eat for the same amount of guilt! 

Not to mention, the new low-fat cookies barely taste any different from the traditional ones. In fact, given a blind taste test, you probably wouldn’t even be able to taste the difference in the amount of Girl Scout.

The Girl Scouts have always kept their cookie recipe a secret, and for good reason. But now, at least we know that if we opt for the low-fat cookies, it will be easier to stick to the daily recommended amount of Girl Scout. 

The Girl Scouts of America has long been dedicated to empowering women youth across the US, and their cookie fundraiser provides a steady stream of income to the organization — all at a minimum cost for its members. So get out there, and buy yourself a box of low-fat Girl Scout cookies today!

In other news, the Girl Scouts of America are currently looking for new recruits!

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