At Long Last: Jif Has Finally Released A Meatless Peanut Butter

Finally: Jif just announced that a new meat-free version of their famous peanut butter will soon be available nationwide!

Stores are already selling out of Jif’s new Jiffinity, with many vegetarians and vegans excited to try peanut butter for the first time. Get ready to be wowed, because people are already saying that it really tastes like animals were murdered for this product!

The new meat substitute comes in simulated smooth and chunky varieties, and we know which one we’re going to try first! At long last, you can all eat peanut butter toast or make a morning smoothie without feeling intense guilt over the ethical dilemma of eating animals.

The nut butter aisle will never be the same!

Jif’s scientists say they were able to recreate the bloody, fleshy taste of peanut butter that we know and love using a mix of their patented peanut protein formula, as well as cloned peanut cells. They even found a way to have oil rise to the top of the jar just like real animal fat. Wow! With Jiffinity only costing twice as much as regular, animal-product peanut butter, there’s no question which we’re going to pick up!

Unfortunately, vegans who were excited to try an animal-free PB&J will still have to wait, as Smucker’s says their eggless jelly substitute still doesn’t have that yolky flavor we all know and love.

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