Mirror Workout System Just Used As Mirror Now

Boulder resident Alice Levins has recently reported that her Mirror Workout System is now just being used as a regular mirror.

“It works perfectly,” said Levins, who had only used the Mirror’s workout function for a week before demoting it to a regular household item.

“I just love how I look in it,” continued Levins, who would love how she looks even more if she actually used the Mirror for exercise.

Although the Mirror costs $1,500 plus a $39 monthly charge, it reportedly works just as well, if not better than, an average household mirror. While traditional mirrors cost anywhere from $7–$200, they don’t boast the capability to be used as a workout system once every few months.

“Ever since I bought my Mirror, I’ve never looked back,” said Levins. “It shows my reflection so much clearer than the mirrors in my bathroom, foyer, and living room.”

Levins is also the owner of a Peloton bike, which she uses to dry clothes, and a treadmill, which she uses to launch treats for her cat.

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