What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting But You Expect That You Could Be Expecting

Congrats! You’ve got an inkling that perhaps, just maybe, you are preggers! Now’s the time to learn a bit more about the changes that may or may not be taking place in your body. Here’s a handy guide of what to expect when you’re not expecting, but hey, maybe you could be soon:

A Stork Is Trying to Break Into Your House

If you hear a rustling sound outside your bedroom in the middle of the night, don’t worry! That’s not a burglar, it’s just a large bird that likes to deliver human offspring. A stork lurking around your property isn’t a for-sure sign that you’re pregnant but it’s certainly something that might indicate you’re going to be pumping out a baby soon.

Not Allowed On Roller Coasters

Everyone knows that extreme rides aren’t for the faint of heart. But if the Cedar Point employees are taking one good look at you and refusing to let you ride anything, then there’s a good chance they’re seeing something you’re not!

No Alcohol

If you can’t find any booze around the house, it could be due to the fact that your housemates have taken the liberty of limiting your supply. If we were you, we definitely wouldn’t be shocked to find out we were preggo after this!


Morning sickness is a given for expecting mothers. If you find yourself struck with some nasty bouts of nausea, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and assume that something might be up.

You Buy A Copy Of What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This might seem like a dead giveaway, but you should still proceed with caution. If a growing fetus in your womb has compelled you to get your hands on a classic pregnancy book, then it may be time to brace yourself for some big news. But then again, some non-pregnant people like to read all kinds of books, including beloved guides through gestation, so don’t be too sure of yourself at this point either.

And there you have it, folks: a quick preview of what to expect when you think you’re not pregnant, but, then again, who knows what lies in store?

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