6 Sexy Anatomical Drawings That Helped Us Discover Our Bodies In More Ways Than One

While some adolescents and pre-teens discovered their bodies on websites like PornHub and Redtube, the key to our own erotic awakening was right in the pages of a biology textbook! Here are six of the sexy anatomical drawings that have lived on in our mental wank bank to this day.

Okay, this one speaks for itself. We’re only on the first drawing and it already says anus! Oh boy, we’re sweating. We can’t decide what’s sexier, the anus or the rectum.

Aaw yeah. Nothing says sexy like the pelvic cavity, and this diagram is giving us a front row seat. Not to mention that side boob. Anyone have a pen so we can draw some nipples?

Hubba hubba. Is anyone else seeing what we’re seeing? Look at that pelvic girdle — this guy must be a porn star right?

Boobs! Real boobs! We’ve hit the jackpot!

We’re gonna explode. Oh my God, we can’t take it anymore. It’s too much. Yes — YES.

Do we even need to say anything? Schwing!

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