6 Desserts That Would’ve Been Delicious If They Weren’t Made From Carrots

Searching for a dessert that looks tasty but actually isn’t because it’s made of carrots? We’ve got six desserts that appear mouth wateringly delicious, but unfortunately, due to the carrots, taste like wet cardboard!

1. Pie

This sweet, buttery pie is a perfect treat for the whole family — too bad it’s actually carrot pie and even the crust is made from organic carrots. We’ll leave this one for the rabbits.

2. Cupcakes

This adorable orange cupcake looks like it came straight out of a British tea party! But unfortunately the cupcakes have less than a single gram of sugar as they are fully made from ground up carrots.

3. Milkshake

Have a sweet sip from this shake for a refreshingly yummy pick-me-up! Actually wait, it turns out the milkshake is also carrot flavored. We didn’t even know that was a flavor for milkshakes, but we guess a nutritionist made it up to torture us.

4. Brownie

One look at this chocolatey, gooey brownie will make you toss your diet right out of the window, but good news for you — it’s actually made from nutrient rich carrots! Hooray!

5. Tiramisu

No fancy dessert can top a tiramisu. For some reason, our nutritionist knows how to make one entirely out of carrots, including the gross leafy parts, which sounds absolutely disgusting but we’re also kind of impressed.

6. Carrot Cake

This creamy, nutrient rich cake looks so delicious, but unfortunately it’s made from real carrots and therefore very disappointing.

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