New Study Shows Apple Users Would Still Buy iPhone Even If It Did Cause Cancer

A new study has shown that, although iPhones haven’t yet been proven to emit cancer-causing radiation, the vast majority of customers would still buy one if they did.

New CDC data hypothesizes that a unique wavelength of radiation emitted by Apple products could be responsible for a recent spike in cancer. While the data is still inconclusive, 82% of Apple customers have said that it wouldn’t stop them from buying an iPhone.

“I was kind of freaked out at first,” said Jeremy Horowitz, longtime iPhone user, “but then I thought about the sleek design and user-friendly interface, and clean lines, and I think I’m going to keep mine even if they prove it can cause cancer.”

Despite a slight dip in Apple stock shortly after the new data was released, Apple saw no change in its iPhone sales rates.

“I’d rather take my chances than buy a Samsung,” said Angelo May, another Apple customer. “Cancer doesn’t sound as bad as being the one guy in the group chat who gets kicked because he was making all the messages green.”

Although the CDC has recently confirmed that Androids do not emit harmful radiation, very few iPhone users have committed to making the switch.

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