BP’s Guide To Celebrating Earth Day

No one values planet Earth more than us here at BP. For years, our company has been at the forefront of environmental change. BP’s dedicated leadership has gone to great lengths to ensure that our beautiful planet will be around for at least another century, if not a century and a half. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you celebrate Earth Day the BP way.

Clean up your neighbourhood’s litter and then dispose of it in a celebratory bonfire

On Earth Day, it’s important to show your thanks to our planet. That’s why BP recommends getting together with a group of neighbours and expressing your appreciation by cleaning up the neighbourhood trash! Make sure to check around rivers, under storefronts, and even in your own backyard. Then, once you’ve piled together all the litter, dispose of it in a celebratory communal bonfire! The smoke billowing up into the beautiful night sky symbolizes BP’s consistent appreciation for the Earth and commitment to protecting it. Grab some marshmallows and sausages to make the fire even more joyous.

Go on a long scenic drive around one of our beautiful national parks

Nothing can compare to the United States’ beautiful national parks. What better way to experience America’s natural beauty than taking a nice 300-mile drive through Yellowstone, Shenandoah, or Yosemite? Thanks to a new BP initiative, we’ve conveniently placed some of our newest, most luxurious petrol stations right on the park borders! Fill your tanks to the brim, light up a cigar, and start cruising.

Host an Earth Day barbeque for the whole neighbourhood

Show your appreciation for the Earth by hosting an event that the whole neighbourhood can enjoy together! Nothing welcomes in the springtime like a good ol’-fashioned barbecue, with enough meat for the whole community to have seconds. Don’t forget to pick up an extra couple propane tanks to make sure the grill keeps firin’ all night long.

Buy earth-shaped balloons for your community and then release them into Mother Nature

It isn’t a celebration without balloons! Go to your local Party City and round up hundreds of earth-shaped balloons to hand out at a neighbourhood Earth Day event. The kids will love it! At the end of the party, have everyone gather around and show their appreciation by releasing the balloons into the atmosphere at the same time! Watching hundreds of balloons float away and then block out the sun will be a great reminder of how important it is to act like it’s Earth Day every day. It’s the best possible way to show your communal unity and solidarity with our planet’s great environmental activists.

Go on a hike and make sure to hydrate with our partners at Aquafina

You can find hiking trails in every corner of the US, from the redwoods in California to the scenic mountains of the Northeast. This April is shaping up to be a hot one, so hydration is more important than ever. Make sure to stuff your backpack to the brim with Aquafina bottles as you hike through our planet, which is quickly becoming a tropical paradise for all! Bring as many bottles as possible so that you don’t need to find a place to stop and refill. Looking for a recycling bin? Don’t bother! Aquafina water bottles conveniently biodegrade within 450–1,000 years.

Lastly, make sure your oil rig is compliant with all of the EPA’s inconvenient standards

Here at BP, we know better than everyone how tempting it can be to ignore every EPA regulation. But after years of reflection, we advise everyone to celebrate Earth Day by making sure your oil rigs meet basic safety standards, even though doing so can be extremely annoying and tedious. If the pictures of oil-covered pelicans don’t convince you, think about it this way: a few weeks of lame safety checks can save you a whole decade of PR disasters, legal headaches, and financial nightmares.

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