Protein Powder Scoop Unearthed Like Ancient Fossil

After several unsuccessful excavation attempts, area man Larry Binder finally dug up his missing protein powder scoop, much like an archeologist unearthing an ancient fossil.

Evidence of the dig included remains of vanilla protein dust scattered across the kitchen counter.

“I know it’s in here somewhere,” said Binder, sticking his hand into the tub like an adventurer on the brink of discovering the remains of a prehistoric species.

Witnesses claim that Binder was using his flashlight to peer into the container of protein powder, as if he were an explorer scouting out a dangerous cave filled with dinosaur remains.

“Come on, come on,” said Binder, knowing how close he was to finally exhuming the ancient relic.

Upon finally discovering the scoop, Binder gently brushed off the powder, like a paleontologist carefully removing dust from a fossil.

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