Heard Of Microdosing LSD? Then You’ll Love Macrodosing

Has microdosing LSD helped you unlock a creative side of yourself that you never even knew existed? Well, there’s a new trend in town — and if you like microdosing, you’re gonna love this.

This new LSD trend is actually pretty similar to microdosing. The biggest difference is that you’re gonna be taking 10–15 times the amount that you would normally take. Sound crazy? It is, and that’s why we love it!

We’ll put it this way: if someone gave you the chance to eat a whole chocolate bar or just one square, which option would you choose? You’d have to be crazy to just break off one piece instead of indulging in an entire delicious, creamy bar of milk chocolate. So the same logic follows with acid! Why just take a tiny piece when you can have the whole thing?

If you think that microdosing helped you maintain a positive, creative energy, just wait until you try macrodosing. You’re gonna be so creative that you’ll never microdose again!

So trade in your daily microdose for a daily macrodose! You’ll get all the benefits of microdosing — slight mood boost, increase in energy, clarity of thoughts, creativity — in addition to a mind-bending daily adventure.

Pour out that cup of coffee. Let’s start the day the right way.

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