Starbucks And Arby’s Merge To Form Arbucks

After months of negotiations, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that the Seattle-based coffee chain has completed a merger with fast food giant Arby’s.

Johnson said in a statement that he believes the two businesses serve complementary items, and joining forces will both grow their base and satisfy existing customers.

“A venti roast beef Frappuccino with an extra pump of gravy syrup and three shots of espresso is the perfect way to start my morning,” said loyal customer Jennifer Wilson, after visiting one of the first Arbucks drive-throughs.

Another customer, Peter Jones, prefers to begin his day with coffee-infused beef jerky and caramel syrup. Whatever choice customers make, Arbucks touts a menu of delicious and healthy items that harmoniously bring together elements of Starbucks and Arby’s best-selling items.

Arby’s food scientists and Starbucks coffee experts have been working tirelessly to combine fan-favorites, like a Double Big Beef ‘n Cheddar that uses iconic slices of Starbucks coffee cake instead of bread.

“Merging with Starbucks was the obvious next step for our company,” said Chris Fuller, the Chief Communications Officer of Arby’s. “Everyone knows that we at Arby’s have the meats, and while that will not change, Arbucks is committed to also now having the coffee.”

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