3 All-Natural Deodorants That Will Keep Everyone 6 Feet Away

As masks come off and things return to normal, you still might not be ready to have people back in your personal space. Don’t worry — there’s a quick and easy solution that’ll ensure you have all the personal space you need: all-natural deodorant! Put it on and voila, at least six feet of breathing room. Here are three all natural deodorants that’ll make sure you stay socially distanced.

1. Nature’s Friend Primitive Patchouli Paste

This all-natural paste will keep everyone a safe distance away with its patchouli and lemon scent. It comes in a jar, it’s hard to get out of the jar, and it doesn’t work! Enjoy half an hour of smelling like your weird aunt’s house before your pits allow you some major privacy.

2. Valley’s Peak Organic Unscented Slather

You’ll find your senses overwhelmed with this gentle, organic, and unscented deodorant. They’ll be overwhelmed by your own stink as soon as you start to move…. and so will everyone else, giving you enough room to live your best life, as long as you breathe through your mouth.

3. Sage Wisdom Free and Clear Odor Butter

Aluminum-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, Covid-free. Six feet isn’t enough with this odor-friendly armpit avenger. No need to worry about any of those nasty toxins or having to ask people not to hug. Just lift up your arm to wave, and let this natural deodorant do the rest. Not even a mask can beat this noxious mush.

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