Going For A Healthier Lifestyle? Trade Your Nightly Tub Of Ice Cream For 5–6 Tubs Of Halo Top

If you love ice cream but have been trying to cut down on calories and fat, Halo Top is perfect for you. With as few as 80 calories per serving and flavor that rivals the real thing, what’s not to love? And the reduced amounts of calories and fat mean you can have five, or even six, tubs in one sitting!

Always wanted to gorge yourself on ice cream before bed but felt too guilty to go past just one tub? Those days are over.

Why settle for only one regular pint of ice cream per night when you could spoon your way through half a dozen? Regular ice creams can have as many as 300 calories per serving! Halo top cuts that number down by more than two thirds, meaning you can just eat the whole thing. And who stops at just one serving of regular ice cream? Using that logic, you have a green light not to stop at just one tub of Halo Top!

Seriously, this stuff tastes like ice cream but is basically just ice. We’ve always dreamed of ice cream with no consequences, so there’s no reason not to treat Halo Top as an all-you-can-eat sundae bar.

As soon as you start replacing your nightly tub of ice cream with multiple times that amount of Halo Top, you’ll start shedding weight immediately. It’s the best of both worlds!

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