We Tried To Change Our Logo For Pride Month But Our Graphic Designer Is Colorblind

Well, this is a little awkward. We saw all the other companies were changing their logos to the colors of the pride flag, so we figured we should too, right? Unfortunately, our guy who handles all the graphic design stuff is almost completely colorblind.

Look, we wish we could use Photoshop ourselves. But it gets a little confusing with all the layers and stuff, plus Adobe changed it to a subscription instead of a one-time purchase, and we really don’t need another monthly expense… when you factor in our domain name and our web hosting, it all really adds up.

We have really good intentions here, but we just didn’t know how to tell our Photoshop guy he’d done a bad job. Normally his stuff is pretty decent, but he just totally dropped the ball on this one. It was just a little too awkward for us to tell him to change it. And we didn’t want to just not post it on the site, because then he’d start asking questions and we’d have to break it to him. So we’re just gonna go with this version of the logo, okay?

We’d like to make it extremely clear that we support the entire LGBTQ+ community! Our designer also supports the entire community — unfortunately, his work just doesn’t show it.

We guess this is what he thinks the rainbow looks like? Honestly, we just feel sort of bad for him here.

Maybe we can do something else to show our support? Changing our logo for the month just seemed like the easiest and most direct way to celebrate pride, but we probably should’ve thought about that when we hired a designer last fall who sadly can’t distinguish between the colors.

If anyone can fix this for us, please let us know! He probably wouldn’t be able to tell.


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