New Study Shows When Our Bodies Sleep Basically What They Are Doing Is They Are Resting

Most of us come across sleep every 24 hours or so, but science has only ever scratched the surface of what’s really going on when we shut our eyes. But now, thanks to a new study’s illuminating findings, we may be finally able to put this mystery to rest!

A new study conducted at the University of Miami just made a groundbreaking new discovery about sleep: basically what our bodies are doing is they are resting.

Wow! Let’s unpack that.

Here’s how it works: when our bodies are not sleeping, they are doing what is known as being awake. Being awake is essentially being active. When our bodies are awake, they are able to do things, such as eating, walking, jumping, speaking, showering, driving, or contributing to society in any way.

On the other hand, when our bodies are asleep, they become inactive, rendered completely useless! And yet, despite the inefficiency of this daily process, the human body still feels compelled to sleep.

Huh. Weird, right? Why would it be necessary for our bodies to become inactive when they could be active?

Well here’s a little history lesson for you: sleep, we tend to forget, is a relatively new invention. Throughout humanity’s history, sleep has been written off as trivial. But this new study tells us that for human bodies, sleep is crucial.

After being awake during the day, it is unfortunately necessary that we must, essentially, “refresh” our bodies. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like how cellular phones need to “recharge” in order to function after their battery runs out. This is novel, but think of sleep like a battery recharging: your bed is essentially a charger, your home is an outlet, and nighttime is electricity.

And so, because we do work, we must also, sadly, rest afterward. But, the good news is that this resting contributes positively to the work we do the following day! Don’t believe us? Go read the study, then sleep on it.

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