We Took CBD Every Day For A Month And It Probably Did Something 

After hearing our friends rave about the health benefits of CBD oil and its ability to help you relax or re-energize, we finally gave in and tried it for ourselves! We just had to find out why everyone is so keen on it. So we took CBD every day for a month. And if we’re being honest, it’s admittedly a little difficult to figure out exactly what id did, but it probably did something.

We don’t know what CBD actually is, but our friends described it to us as “weed but not weed” — and weed totally does something (gives us a panic attack), so we feel pretty confident that CBD did something for us too. For example, we took some of the calming variety right before bed once, and we had the soundest sleep of our life. Granted, that was after a full day of working, working out, and getting groceries — not to mention, our circadian rhythm is pretty consistent. But still, we slept really well, and that’s gotta be because of the CBD, right? There’s no way we spent $110 on this tiny vial of organic oil just for it to be a sham. Like, we could have put that money toward rent. It better have done something.

Or what about this: we once needed to prepare ourself for a night on the town, so we took 25 ml of a CBD oil that’s supposed to invigorate you. And wouldn’t you know it: we were out dancing until 4 am! And yes, we did mix CBD with several alcoholic drinks per hour, and we were a little fueled by the natural adrenaline high brought on by being at a club with our friends. But it’s not like CBD hampered either of those things, so we can only guess it bolstered their effects. That seems reasonable to infer, right? Why else would a bunch of 20-year-olds swear that it’s worth the extra $3.50 to put CBD in their smoothies at their local juice shop? This can’t just be a fad. Seriously, please do not let this just be a fad. We’ve already spent way too much time on this.

Even though we clearly can’t determine what exactly taking CBD every day for a month did for us, it probably did something. We probably just didn’t give it a long enough trial run — can’t new vitamins and supplements sometimes take up to three months to start taking effect? Seems like the safest bet is to purchase a year’s supply and check back in once we’ve completed that.

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