Fuck Yes: The Doctor Is Taking Off His Gloves Before This Prostate Exam

Oh boy. We’d been excited for this prostate exam all month, but now someone’s gonna have to pinch us. The doctor is finally about to administer the exam, and he’s currently taking off his gloves.

Oh yeah — this means business.

Did he read our mind or something? We were a little bummed ever since he first walked in the room and we saw his gloved hands. But we’re back in the game, baby — he’s going in raw-dog.

Dr. Greenbaum can pretend he’s not as excited about this as we are, but we know he is. He’s making his way over to the table right now, and there’s no indication that he’s going to don a fresh pair of gloves.

Do you think he’ll ask how many fingers we want in there? Or is that bad bedside manner?

The only bad part is that the exam will probably only last a few seconds. Maybe if we squeeze our legs together, we can trap his hand? Then, as he’s trying to squirm free, he’ll bring us straight to heaven.

Or maybe we can tell him we think he missed the prostate? That way, he’ll have to go back in all over again. Things are about to get steamy up here. Examination Room 8B is about to become Examination Room 6A.

Oh, fuck yes — the doctor is in.

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