Please Don’t Get Mad At Us We Know This Will Be Controversial But We Are Going To Rank The Seasons

We know we might regret this later because of all the backlash we’ll almost definitely receive, but here it goes — we’re going to rank the seasons. This is a heated, sensitive issue with a lot of passion on all sides, but we’re gonna go for it. Even if we lose followers for this, it’s worth it. We’ve always been committed to doing the right thing, even when it might make us unpopular. That’s just what good journalism is, and it’s time to take a stand. Take a deep breath. Here’s our ranking of the seasons.

1. Summer

We’re giving the number 1 spot on this list to summer. We know. We’re prepared for the criticism and understand if you no longer want to read our website. All we ask is that you just give us a chance until the end of this listicle. We know you might be triggered by some or all of this, but that’s the great thing about the internet — you have access to a lot of opinions that are different to your own, and you can broaden your own perspective by learning about them! No? It was worth a shot. Look, give us another chance, alright?

2. Fall

Please don’t hate us for this, but fall is the second best season. It just is, alright? That’s a hill we’ll die on. If you’re offended by this, you know what? We don’t even care. This is a sensitive issue wherever your opinion falls on the spectrum, but it’s time for us to speak up. We strongly believe that if we care about something, we can’t be a bystander, no matter how much hate it might bring us.

3. Winter

Winter is the #3 season, and if that hurts your feelings, unfollow us. We don’t have room around here for people like you. We prefer to surround ourselves with people who stick to their values, no matter what the reactions might be. Look, we would prefer it if you don’t unfollow us, but what we’re saying is that we felt it was important to speak out about this hot-button issue even if our opinions might not be mainstream.

4. Spring

The fourth and worst season is the Spring. There — we said it. Sorry about that, spring-lovers. But no joke now, we genuinely are sorry. We’ve just been holding in this list for so long, it feels great to finally get it off our chest, even if it means we lose some website traffic. It feels great to be able to release this ranking publicly, instead of bottling it away deep down like we have for years and years. We know it’s a controversial, sensitive topic with a lot of passionate individuals who care about it deeply, but we’re ready for the tsunami of backlash. This is an issue that we care about more than almost anything. At the end of the day, it’s worth it.

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