8 Goats Who Are Probably Better At Yoga Than You

Tired of those damn goats showing off every week at goat yoga? So are we. Session after session, they’re the ones who get all the attention. But you have to admit, by this point, they’ve gotten pretty good. Here are eight goats who are probably better at yoga than you are.

These goats took Tree Pose to the next level.

 This one is maaaaad at his partner’s inferior form.

The best Mountain Pose we’ve ever seen.

 Even this goat’s post-yoga thirst trap is better than yours.

These goats actually go to mommy-and-me yoga instead of just thinking about it.

She’s not even a dog, but her Downward Dog still puts yours to shame.

How have these two been together for so long? Couples yoga. Maybe if you’d have tried it once or twice, you’d be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

Finally, someone is fully committing to the Cow Pose.

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