Greek Life Excited To Return To Normal After Year Of Acting Normally

After a long school year of ignoring Covid guidelines, fraternities and sororities throughout the nation are eager to continue doing exactly what they have been doing.

“It’s been a tough year for all of us here at Rho Delta Kappa,” said University of Miami chapter president Brett Williams, who spent four nights a week in crowded basement parties as other Americans were sheltered responsibly in their homes. “As the pandemic eases, we’re excited to begin reintroducing safe events where everyone can feel comfortable.”

Other brothers from the same chapter shared similar hardships, explaining how pretending to care about university and CDC guidelines made planning nightly mixers a real headache.

“We’ve done everything we can to make our chapter safe and responsible,” said recruitment chair Stephen Graham, who routinely forced 26 pledges to sleep in a 10×10 room in the depths of the pandemic.

Despite the challenges faced by everyone in the Greek community, thousands of new students rushed this year, including rising sophomore Jake Randall at the University of Delaware. While Randall admitted he was initially worried he wouldn’t be able to have the classic Greek life experience, he was luckily able to be abused by upperclassmen just like any other year.

“Although joining a fraternity was a great support system to have during the pandemic, I’m excited to see what it’s like when everything returns back to normal,” said Randall, whose freshmen year resembled normalcy more than anyone else’s in the entire country.

While many Greek organizations received criticism for how they behaved during the pandemic, most expect to receive even harsher criticism for the crimes they will commit once college campuses fully reopen.

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