Top 4 Strategies To Cure The Anxiety We Gave You

So, we’ve heard you have some self-confidence issues. As the exact people who gave you those issues, we’re extremely well-suited to help you solve them! Here are the best strategies to completely cure you of the mental illness we gave you.

Take a Break! But Come Back Almost Immediately

Does all this talk about obtaining the perfect body have you down? Maybe it’s time to get offline for a while, read a good book, and just forget about your worries. But be sure to come back to us out of boredom in about ten minutes so we can continue feeding off your deepest insecurities!

Tell a Friend How You’re Feeling, But They Won’t Understand You Like We Do 

Friends are there for you in times like these, and it’s always a good idea to talk out your feelings with those closest to you. But remember, they could never support you like we do, and, ultimately, you shouldn’t even bother reaching out to them when we have plenty of great new articles you can read instead.

Take a Nice Hot Bath! Not For Too Long Though Because That Can Cause Cellulite

Nothing’s better than just soaking in a nice hot bathtub after a hard day. Just try not to think about how that hot water can damage your skin and just make it worse than it already is. Really, try not to think about that.

Take a Walk — You Could Certainly Use the Exercise

Walking can be a great de-stressor! Go to a park, take in the nature, and listen to your favorite songs all while getting your steps in. Physical activity can be super important for mental health, especially when you’re a lazy, gluttonous failure like yourself.

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