7 Creative Uses For Used Tea Bags That Will Make You Look Clinically Insane

If you drink a lot of tea, you may have wondered if you could reuse your old tea bags instead of throwing them away. Well, good news for your and your hoarder tendencies! There are so many great ways to repurpose those little bags of wet leaves — all while saving money at the same time. Here are seven hacks that, if done correctly, will have your friends and family wondering if you’re mentally unstable.

Tea Bag Facial

Turns out you can get rid of the bags under your eyes by putting bags under your eyes! Next time you use your favorite face mask, just take a couple of used tea bags, lay them over your eyes, and watch the wrinkles disappear. What you won’t see is other people furrowing their brows wondering if you’re doing okay.

Help Out Your Houseplants

Did you know that tea can be good for potted plants? Neither did we! Turns out, if you put used tea bags in your potted plants, the nutrients from the tea bags will seep into the soil. And all your housemates will steer clear of you with the hope that whatever crazy spell you’re going through won’t rub off on them.

More Tea

Strong tea is great, but just wait until you try weak tea made from several days worth of used tea bags all boiled together at once. We swear it’ll change your life, and save you like two dollars worth of tea per month! Which is probably just enough to pay for whatever therapy treatment you desperately need.

Car Freshener

Those annoying little Christmas trees are so outdated! It’s time to rip those suckers off your rearview mirror and replace them with a delightfully aromatic used tea bag. We promise you’ll thank us, right up until it starts growing large clumps of fuzzy, blue mold!

Season a Soup

Next time you’re cooking a soup, try mixing it up a bit by sticking some old tea bags in there! This will give your soup the smell and taste of weak tea. It will also give everyone the impression you’re going through some shit.

Fun Earrings

Have you ever noticed how tea bags have the exact same shape as dangle earrings? Well we have! It totally makes a statement if you thread the string through your piercing, tie it off and wear your tea preferences with pride. That statement is, “please get me mental help.”

Just Eat Them

Save them up for a week, put them all on a plate, microwave on high for two minutes, and dig in. If this doesn’t get you sent straight to a mental institution, we don’t know what will.

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