7 Workout Shirts That’ll Make People Think ‘This Guy’s Got Some Nips’

Some biologists believe men’s nipples could get smaller over time with evolution. Not yours. You’ve got nips for weeks, and it’s time for them to shine. Are you looking for one of those workout shirts so thin and stretchy it somehow makes you feel in worse shape when you put it on? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at these shirts designed specifically to make it obvious you’ve got some nips that are un-concealable.

1. Adidas Runner Tee

Make sure to never go near a chilly room after buying this shirt because it’s thin enough that your pointers will cut small holes in the fabric.

2. Vuori Strato Tech T-Shirt

Don’t worry if your nips aren’t actually that thick, because this one borrows techniques used by push-up bras that will make non-thick nips look extra thick.

3. Old Navy Go-Dry Control Core Tank

These only come in bright colors to make sure you can’t just blend those bad boys in with a black shirt.

4. Gymshark Baselayer T-Shirt

This one is so tight, it’ll make your third nipple visible too.

5. Nike Breathable Muscle Tank

These of course come with Nike’s famous Areola Amplifier™ technology.

6. Hanes Men’s Sport Cool

The tag on this shirt says “comfortable,” but don’t worry, if you look closer it also says “feel as self-conscious as you did in middle school.”

7. Rogue Fitness Dri-Fit Tank

These are designed to get you looking down at your nips every 10 seconds so that even if they aren’t as noticeable as you think, your horrendously insecure body language will be sure to grab everyone’s attention.

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