Joey Chestnut Sets World Record By Taking 75 Covid Vaccines In 10 Minutes

Reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Joey Chestnut has once again broken a world record — this time by injecting himself with 75 Covid vaccines in under 10 minutes.

“After the first 40, it was a little hard for me to keep them down,” said Chestnut, after jamming needle after needle into his upper arm. “But ever since the pandemic started, this is what I’ve been training my body for.”

“But I have to admit, I’m feeling pretty stuffed.”

The contest, which is held annually in Coney Island on Independence Day, substituted Covid vaccines for hot dogs in light of the ongoing pandemic. In addition to taking the most vaccines, the winner of the competition also has to keep them down for a full 10 minutes.

“I’m honored to be able to participate in a competition that adapts so well to the world around us,” said Chestnut after winning, looking extremely dizzy and pale. “Is there anywhere I can sit down?”

Competition rules also state that contestants are not allowed to put any condiments on their vaccines.

The company states that Nathan’s wisely made the switch to Covid vaccines instead of hot dogs in order to discourage vaccine hesitancy. Executives of the hot dog giant believe that Americans will be more inclined to roll up their sleeves if they see their hero grotesquely overindulge on live-saving mRNA vaccines instead of processed meats.

According to experts, Chestnut is now considered one of the most immune beings on the planet.

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