New Telehealth App Makes Unaffordable Health Care Even More Accessible

A new telehealth app launched this week, making healthcare you can’t afford readily available for millions of Americans. HealthMobile boasts seamless integration of virtual visits, prescription refill requests, and medical bills so large you will never, ever pay them off.

“I was so excited to see an app that was so intuitive for meeting my health needs,” said Jessica Chalmers, a 37-year-old math tutor and beta tester for the app. “It made scheduling my MRI so easy, but my only suggestion would be for it to include links to bankruptcy lawyers in my area.”

HealthMobile CEO Madison Frigg says the app’s straightforward design evolved after months of user feedback.

“We wanted to take some of the stress out of medical care. So many of us already order food on an app, so why shouldn’t users be able to use an app to schedule an appointment with, say, an allergist?” explained Frigg, describing an appointment that would probably be only five minutes and cost 300 dollars.

Although rumors were circulating on social media last week that the app allows unauthorized access to users’ checking account and routing numbers, at least users will no longer be put on hold for 20 minutes while calling to schedule a check-up.

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