Allergic To Soy? This Tofu Is Made Out Of Beef

If you have a soy allergy but you’ve always wanted to try tofu, it looks like you might finally be in luck! A local market in Philadelphia has just started selling meat-based tofu, totally free from soy and all other allergens.

How do they make such a tasty version of the popular vegan food? Well, Philly’s Green Leaf Market makes its tofu from an ingredient that few other tofu brands ever think to include: beef!

Genius. The secret to creating delicious, juicy tofu was right in front of us all along. At long last, those sensitive to soy can enjoy everyone’s favorite plant-based option. Except, this time, made from real meat — even better!

Tofu can be a delicious food, but studies show that the vast majority of people who eat it are vegan or vegetarian. Maybe now tofu will finally be able to expand its fanbase!

The new stuff has a full 22 grams of protein per serving, compared with just 10 grams. Woah — out with the old, and in with the new!

Even if you’re not allergic to soy, we still recommend trying this new take on the Chinese classic! Some people are even saying it’s better than regular tofu. In fact, 95% of participants in a recent blind taste test opted for beef-based tofu over the old-fashioned soy type.

Think of all the different culinary possibilities that come with this new type of tofu. We can turn tofu dogs into hot dogs that are still technically made of tofu, but that tofu is made of beef! We can make stir-frys that contain no meat, except for the tofu!

This soy-free option is probably going to be a big hit, so other restaurants, supermarkets, and food suppliers better catch on quick! Maybe someone should start working on gluten-free seitan made of chicken.

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