4 Healing Crystals That Will Make You Say, ‘Wait That’s Meth’

Healing crystals are all the rage right now. Their uses range from providing healing energy to boosting harmony in relationships. In fact, they can even make your heart race and make you feel like there are bugs under your skin! Wait, sorry, that’s meth. Anyway, here are four of our favorite healing crystals.

Trying to balance your chakras can be hard, so this crystal is available in dime bags for easy distribution across the body.

Looking for something man-made and ethically sourced? Look no further, this crystal is manufactured by hand in an underground lab. No harmful mining or unethical labor required!

This blue beauty was seen on Breaking Bad, and we can see why it was so popular. It’s the purest and highest quality crystal money can buy, which is why it’s so rare. This fascinating crystal will give you a perpetual jolt of energy and curb your appetite — a perfect combination for the busy modern lifestyle!

Feeling chilly? This crystal is the perfect solution for you. It can cause hyperthermia, so you’ll be warm and toasty! It can be injected, smoked, snorted, or ingested orally. Plenty of options!

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