Brave: Instead Of Hiring One Plus-Sized Model, Victoria’s Secret Just Hired 9 Size-2 Models

Let’s give a hearty round of applause to Victoria’s Secret for keeping with the times! Instead of hiring one plus-sized model — classified by size 18 or above — this genius company, hired nine size-2 models!

Wow, Victoria’s Secret, hats off to you. Nowadays, it’s important to have representation of all body types in the fashion industry; which is exactly why we’re so proud of the clever people at Victoria’s Secret for representing nine different, tiny bodies instead of just one slightly larger body!

Seriously, Victoria’s Secret is doing some real good here. Think about it — the lingerie giant has altruistically employed nine skinny models, allowing them a real opportunity to advance their modeling careers while also paying their rent and purchasing the $50 of food that each of them eats per month.

A true leader in the fashion industry!

Surely the plus-sized models will be able to find work elsewhere, since so many companies have started looking for one or two bigger women whom they can use as tokens in the very fringes of their marketing material.

But let’s just focus on celebrating bodies of all different sizes — or nine different bodies whose combined sizes equal the sum of one of the smaller plus sizes!

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