This Guilt-Free Frozen Yogurt Won’t Remind You Of What You Did On That Moonlit Night In The Woods

Okay, we are officially obsessed with Red Mango’s new guilt-free EuroTart frozen yogurt. Not only is it delicious after dinner — or before, who are we kidding – but it’s totally guilt-free! Yes, unlike other low-cal frozen yogurts, this one won’t remind you of what you did on that moonlit night in the woods!

How many times have you to tried to eat a frozen dessert, but the icy cold reminds you of that breezy night all those years ago, when the cool night air felt like a sick joke? It’s like…. hello! Trying to unwind here!

That’s why we’re so pumped about Red Mango’s new low-cal EuroTart! It tastes just as good as normal fro-yo, without all the added guilt over what happened beneath the barren trees and cloudless sky, when God saw what you did.

Honey, you work hard, you pay your bills, and you dream about the piercing eyes of the fawn who saw it all. So why not enjoy your dessert? Save that overwhelming pang of guilt for every time you walk over fallen leaves!

While EuroTart has been in a few select Red Mangos around the country for a while, this week marks the first time it’ll be available in all stores across the country. Live a little and make that be the event that splits your life into a definitive before and after!

If you catch yourself wondering if you even deserve to have something sweet after what you did, remember: that’s for God to decide. Now is the time to dig into this fan-favorite fro-yo and put your feet up, judgment-free.

‘Cause hey, when you get tired of taking your horrible secret to the grave, take a little fro-yo to bed!

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