Food Desert? This Woman Went To Three Different Stores To Find Oat Milk

Food deserts are a harrowing reminder of the fact that not everyone in our country has equal access to fresh and nutritious food. That’s why we were so shocked by the tale of Stephanie Bloom, a 32-year-old who recently endured the unthinkable on her routine outing for oat milk.

Bloom was forced to visit not one, not two, but three separate organic food stores to find it!

Following her Morning Sunrise Yoga Class, Bloom could barely believe the hardship she was facing as she rummaged through every grocery store in town. This must be the struggle that poor people go through every day!

By the time she finally found it, Bloom no longer even had the energy to attempt the vegan crème brûlée recipe she was planning on making!

Frustrating — all the time she spent searching for he six-dollar milk alternative ended up making Bloom late for tennis practice. What had happened to the gentrified neighborhood she knew and loved, the beloved utopia she was born and raised in?

Thankfully, upon finally being reunited with her treasured beverage at the end of the tiresome quest, Bloom was able to unleash her anxieties and frustrations on the cashier. “What’s next?” she cried out, “Am I going to have to drive three towns over just for some artisanal parmesan crisps?”

After her nightmare of a day, Bloom purchased the weekend spa trip she deserved. What a horrifying run-in with scarcity!

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