5 Full Body Workouts You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Own Mansion

They say 90% of success in life is just showing up.

But these days, even leaving the house can be such a struggle! And when it comes to getting to the gym, the obstacles can really pile up. Does the Tesla have enough charge? What if the gardener sees you on the way out and wants to chat? Will you be back in time to greet your daughter after horseback riding lessons? We’ve all been through it.

That’s why we’ve put together our favorite full-body exercises to help you get a fun, high-intensity workout without ever leaving your 12-bedroom estate.

Swimming Laps

A dip in the pool can be a powerful yet low impact bit of cardio, and a great fat burner if you’re looking to slim down after last month’s trip to Saint Tropez. Using the freestyle stroke, simply swim the length of your infinity pool in a straight line and repeat.

Squat Jumps

A killer lower and upper body movement, squat jumps build muscle and agility. Start with a regular squat, but when you reach the lowest point of the squat, flex your hamstrings and swing your arms to propel yourself upward into a jump. Make sure to do this one in an open area such as the cobblestone driveway or the courtyard.

Bicycle Crunches

Try this classic ab burner that requires very little space to perform. Start on your back with your legs in the air while pumping your legs and arms in an alternating motion toward one another. Try lying on one of your Persian silk area rugs to ease any strain on your back caused by the marble flooring.

Stair Steppers

The Stairmaster is a staple of any gym, but it might surprise you that simply running up and down one of the two curved staircases that flank both sides of your foyer is a perfectly acceptable alternative for tightening your buns at home. Pro tip: hold the hand-carved oak bannister for extra stability.

Push Ups

This is the old faithful of bodyweight exercises. With your body in the plank position, lower yourself to a 90 degree arm angle and push up. For some added incline and resistance, place a stack of leather-bound first editions under your feet. This will ensure you really blast those triceps.

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