10 Pictures Of Happy Chickens That’ll Just Confirm Your Natural Instinct To Eat Them

Take a look at these peaceful chickens. Don’t you just want to batter and deep fry them?

This chicken is enjoying its natural freedom. It’ll taste great on the grill!

This is making us hungry.

This image truly captures the natural beauty of wildlife — and how it deserves to be tossed in a hot sauce so hot that you can’t really even taste it anymore.

Whoops! This one’s a turkey. And yet you still have an urge to end its life and stuff it with bread chunks. Interesting.

An egg. The very capsule from which the miracle of chicken life springs — delicious!


This one’s gonna make for some great tenders.

Hopefully we have enough breading.

Someone go preheat the oven!

Aw! His carcass will make for the perfect soup.

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