Area Runner Debating Whether To Leave Shirt At Home Or Remove It At Start Of Run

Recent reports indicate that long distance runner and Long Beach, California resident Trey Daniels was contemplating whether he should leave his shirt at home or remove it mere moments after beginning his run.

“I think I’ll leave it on today, wouldn’t want to get a sunburn,” thought Daniels, even though he would inevitably remove the garment before finishing the first quarter mile.

Daniels began to have a change of heart once he realized how many onlookers would be along his route.

“Why work out if you’re just gonna keep your shirt on for your whole life?” wondered the 22-year-old runner, as he flexed at himself in the mirror and made sure his form-fitting running shorts were properly outlining his thighs.

While Daniels’ $89 shirt was made of a fabric that supposedly enhances range of movement, Daniels figured he would have an even better range of movement if he just ditched the shirt altogether.

“Plus, leaving behind my shirt could probably cut a few seconds off my mile time,” he continued — the same reason he had shaved off every inch of body hair.

Although Daniels eventually committed to wearing it, he was promptly seen peeling off his moisture-wicking, neon green t-shirt near 1st and Grand, after spotting a group of twenty-something year olds heading towards Belmont Pier.

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