Is Your Brita Taking Too Long To Refill? Try Removing The Filter

We know the feeling. You’re in desperate need of water, and the Brita filter you’ve never replaced is taking forever. Good news! We’ve figured out a simple trick to speed up the process. Just remove the filter!

After removing the filter, not only will your Brita fill up quickly, but you’ll get to savor delicious notes of iron and fluoride.

Of course, we recognize that the time it takes for the tap to fill up the Brita can still be frustrating. When you’re thirsty, those extra 30 seconds can be agonizing! So we’ve invented yet another trick that’ll help you buy back some of that time: instead of using the Brita, fill a glass and drink directly from the tap.

Why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before?

But if you’re still not satisfied, we get it. Using a glass means that you’ll have to wash it too. Which is why we’ve come up with a foolproof idea that’ll take out all the guesswork! Try buying some plastic water bottles from the supermarket and opening a new one whenever you’re thirsty.

Wow — everyone wins!

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