A Freak Of Nature: This Baby Was Born Without Teeth

Revolting. Horrifying new images from Salt Lake City, Utah, are proving the birth of a deformed baby that was born without teeth.

We’re certainly disgusted by the poor child, but this strange case has captured our sympathy as well. The unfortunate infant will never be able to live a normal life free from bullying, bigotry, and pain.

Our hearts go out to the parents. Think about how hard it must be to raise a child who’ll never look the same as all the other kids at school. And not to mention never be able to eat solid foods.

What will they feed him? They’ll have to find some type of disgusting pre-macerated paste suitable for individuals who can’t chew. We’re gonna throw up.

We can’t imagine how it must have felt when the doctors had to deliver the news.

If we were the parents, we’d hardly be able to look at our child. Love for a child should be unconditional, but this is probably an exception, right? It isn’t fair to be asked to love a kid that’s hardly even recognizable as human. Hopefully there’s an adoption agency that’ll be willing to work with the creature.

What next? A newborn without hair?

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